The Death of Llywelyn ap Gruffudd - The Truth.
by Anthony Edwards

This very well researched work has been available in the Welsh language since 1987 in booklet form. The author has taken a deep look at the material written about the assassination of Llywelyn ap Gruffudd. This gave us a very “official” sounding account of that distressful happening. In that version, fed to anyone who looked for that particular part of our history, Llywelyn was described as the perpetrator of evil deeds. He was excommunicated and so became fair game for those who wished him dead. This was not exactly a sound basis for a “true” tale to tell his people. Anthony Edwards has avoided the pro and anti elements of Llywelyn’s killing, and has looked dispassionately at what was written at the time. The result is a very interesting essay based on facts.

The Princess Gwenllian Society has, with full approval of the author, had the book translated into English. Reading it will be a new experience for anyone who has not read the Welsh version.

As a Society we feel proud to be able to offer the booklet for sale from the Secretary of The Princess Gwenllian Society. The cost is £2.00 +50p (p&p).

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Mallt Anderson, Secretary Princess Gwenllian Society,
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