Welcome to the Princess Gwenllian Society's home page!

The Society was founded to commemorate Gwenllian, the daughter of Llywelyn the last ruling Prince of Wales ("Llywelyn The Last"). After Llywelyn's death, the whole of Wales came under the control of King Edward I of England. Edward ordered Gwenllian, a 1-year old baby, to be imprisoned in an English convent so that she would not have children who might restore Welsh independence. There she remained until her death 53 years later.

Please note - although the Society recognises that she was an important historical character, Gwenllian of Cydweli, who died in 1136 leading an army against the Normans, is not the Gwenllian that we commemorate.

Special Note

We've been asked to make it clear that St Gilbert, the founder of the convent, died about 134 years before Gwenllian was imprisoned there, so it was not St Gilbert who admitted her to the convent. Nothing on our site contradicts this.

Aim of the Society

"To restore the memory of princess Gwenllian, daughter of Llywelyn ap Gruffydd, in any appropriate manner and to maintain and support suitable memorials to her and any other family associates deemed relevant by the Society." (Motion approved at the Annual General Meeting at Sempringham, 13 July 2002).